About our Midweight Linen

Content: 100% Linen

Weave: Plain weave

Weight: 4.86oz

Country of Origin: China

Available Colours: Oatmeal, Olive, Navy & Black

Linens natural properties: 

-Extremely durable

-Stronger wet than dry

-Rarely pills



-Resistant to damage from abrasion

-Feels cool in the summer and retains warmth in the winter

-Absorbent & insulating

-Wrinkles easily

-Softens with age

-Biodegrades quicker than synthetic fabrics, without releasing chemicals into our environment

-A friendly fibre to the environment whose production requires very little processing, water, and machinery, when compared to unnatural fibres

-Breathable and odour-resistant

How to care for linen: 

-Hand or machine wash on gentle cycle with cold water.

-Tumble dry low

-Iron on low-medium heat with steam to remove wrinkles or, keep unpressed for a beautiful natural look.

Social Responsibility:

It is important for us to work with local suppliers who consciously make choices to work with fabric mills that treat their employees fairly.